Vice Principal Desk

Mr. B. R. Belekar

Vice Principal

Sanjeevan Public School, Panhala.


“The positive thinker sees the invisible feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.”

When you think positive, good things happen. This concept is applicable to each and every person working in this organization. Let me take the privilege to greet you all a happy and prosperous New Year ahead. Best wishes for the Silver Jubilee year. The unceasing celebration has already started as lot of new things have come in the way this year. Each year teaches you something new,brings something new, so it is always special. The institution fortified its belief in me by handing over greater responsibilities at the post of Vice Principal. I am immensely grateful to the Chairman and Director Principal for bestowing this responsibility on me with an affection and trust. My area of work has become more wider now as it encompasses different horizons. Being a medium for the Principal, Staff and students, I always try to promote a system of integrated education in a student friendly environment. I believe that students are our assets and we enable them to soar high morally, socially and spiritually. Our students need to learn the secret of success and contentment that lies in discovering one’s own strengths as well as limitations. We make our students groom into a complete individual with qualities of leadership instilled into them. Throughout the year, we test them through various inter school competitions and competitive exams. We also arrange valuable programmes for them in the school. We make them achieve their full potential to think and act as global citizens. The C.B.S.E group boasts of a strong network of aspirants whose educational experience is rich in theory, enhanced and reinforced with meaningful teaching. We prepare students for immediate career success. Students often make important discoveries about themselves and the world around them when they make learning happen beyond the traditional school and outside the traditional school walls. Learning does not start and stop when the bell rings. This year we have introduced the concept of learning outside the school. We have made 26 different activities, the knowledge of which is quite essential for students at present as well as in future. We are offering them practical knowledge of Bank system, Postal system, Organic farming,Reading Club, Electrical equipment’s & System plumbing, Drama practices etc.We have scheduled different timings for employing these programmes. These practices are definitely going to reap success for our students and make them strong theoretically and practically.

We have also focused on 11th and 12th with different perspectives. Inauguration of our new Computer Lab will revolutionize the modern learning process. We ourselves have a ‘Can do and never give up’ attitude. We encourage,inspire and motivate students to develop their potential while igniting their passion for life and their dreams. The various awards received by our group have strengthened our belief for the best. I always insist on the fact that we should passionately and meticulously implement outcome based teaching learning processes and innovate practices with vast opportunities for students. We organize meetings for parents and get regular feedback. We invite acclaimed experts to address our students. Conversation with students, time to time makes my work easy so that I can reach them. I am personally thankful to all the faculty. I thank the Chairman & Director Principal for their co¬≠operation, the Management for their trust in me. It is with this support and belief that I could leave no stone unturned to make our section wonderful and amazing. Hope to see you again.