About Us

The historical Panhala, a place of the legendary, Shivaji, a place which has its own glory, culture and heritage. The lushly greenery, the history revived by the giant rocks, a miracle in the lapse of mother earth. A tender sapling amidst the greenery, tiny villages, the sweating labours hands of balutedars, alutedars, rice fields, fruits and vegetables, the dreams nurtured by the farmers in his green fields, the ecstasy of deep kokan, the victorious Vishalgad reviving the memories of the legendary king, he cosmic rays brightened in the month of Chaitra, the ancient temple of Kedarnath Jotiba amidst the mountain, the affectionate shadow id the blessings of goddess Mahalaxmi, the holy place where all the blessings combine together from all the directions. The token of affection and pride and glory, Panhala.

In the arms of Panhala lies the statue of knowledge, Sanjeevan, surrounded by the great and glorious, teen darwaja, the magic of greenery, the epic of history and the footprints of legendries.

In today’s competitive world, where lot of schools try to prove their identity, still patents demand Sanjeevan because it imparts strength to the wings of students to soar high in the vast sky of knowledge, Sanjeevan aims to foster the Head, Hand and Hearts of students, it treats students as its possession and parents, its valuable asset. It is the tradition of Sanjeevan, the quality and excellence which keeps it moving ahead. Where the book ends, there begins the real study of life. This is the concept put forth by Sanjeevan. The students who is a real knowledge seeker, seeks true knowledge here by becoming a Sanjeevanite